GUM Advanced Care Flossers, Fresh Mint Dental String Floss Picks

GUM Advanced Care Flossers with Vitamin E and Fluoride have easy-to-control and ergonomically shaped handles preloaded with GUM dental floss
The GUM dental floss has a coating of vitamin E and fluoride and a satin-like finish that is extremely soft and gentle and resists shredding, breaking and sagging.
GUM Advanced Care Flossers have an icy-mint flavor to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The string floss is coated with vitamin E and fluoride.
The floss easily slides into position under the gumline and then removes the dental plaque not removed by regular toothbrushing
Pick on opposite end great for dislodging food and plaque


GUM Advanced Care Flossers
Between-teeth cleaning is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists to remove the dental plaque between the teeth that toothbrushes alone cannot reach.
Clean between the teeth with GUM Flossers at least once per day to remove dental plaque from areas not reached by toothbrushing alone and where tooth decay and gum disease often occur!
1. Specially engineered floss coated with Vitamin E and Flouride.

2. Wide head for enhanced maneuverability.

3. Widened finger rest for greater comfort and control.

4. Ribbed grip and wider handle for improved control.

5. Improved pick design fits easily between teeth.

• Extra strong floss effectively removes plaque and food particles.

• Pick gently cleans between teeth and massages gu