GERBER PUFFS Sweet Strawberry & Apple

Price: CDN$ 16.62
GERBER PUFFS Sweet Strawberry & Apple, Baby Snacks, Cereal Snack, 8+ months, 42 g, 6 Pack

Perfect for baby’s first finger food snack — GERBER PUFFS dissolve easily (they are melt-in-your-mouth good) and are nutritious, with no artificial colours or flavours
GERBER PUFFS contain 3 g of whole grains per serving and contain no added salt*
GERBER PUFFS are made with only NON-GMO ingredients**
GERBER PUFFS are an excellent source of zinc and iron, which help support baby’s growth and development
New look, same great taste! GERBER PUFFS, Strawberry Apple, Baby Snacks (42 g) are made with your little one in mind. GERBER PUFFS are made with whole grains, rice, and real apple. They dissolve easily, and are a great source of iron and zinc, which help support baby’s normal growth and development. Even more, GERBER PUFFS are perfectly shaped and sized for picking up! Our star-shaped Puffs are a great first finger food snack for baby, and also help develop your baby’s fine oral and motor skills. Our recipes are lovingly made with carefully selected, 100% wholesome ingredients before being quality tested to ensure they’re good enough to be called GERBER. Try all 5 yummy flavours of GERBER PUFFS Baby Snacks: Blueberry Vanilla, Peach, Sweet Potato, Banana, and Strawberry Apple. Appropriate for babies 8 months and up.
*All cereal-based foods for babies under 12 months should not contain added salt.
**Not made with genetically engineered ingredients

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