Waist Trainer Trims Belt for Men & Women Exercise Belt, Adjustable

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Principle of Fever and Weight Loss:
Relefree waist trainer belt adopted chloroprene rubber as interior, daily wear can effectively accumulate heat without feeling of sultry;
wearing during sports can accelerate fat burning, improve sports efficiency, achieve slim shape, and effectively reduce belly fat, let you get
the perfect curve you want.

Suitable exercise:
Weight-loss belt can achieve the effect of slimming waist shape and weight loss only by wearing, it should cooperate with the corresponding
exercise. Weight-loss belt is suitable for a variety of sports, such as running, gym sports, basketball, badminton, cycling, outdoor walking, yoga, walking.

πŸ“’Important notices:
1) Do not use this product if you have open wounds or are susceptible to dermatitis or neoprene allergies.
2) Do not use over 2 to 3 hours.
3) Don’t use it while sleeping.
4) The new product has the odor of material (chloroprene rubber, non-toxic). You can wash it and dry it in a cool place, and the odor will dissipate slowly.


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