Lemon Squeezer Hend Held Juicer


Lemon Squeezer Hend Held Juicer – Citrus Hand Manual Press Juicers Squeeze for Lemon Lime Orange Juice Fruit Heavy Duty Easy to Clean Dishwasher Safe Aluminum Premium Quality Professional Kitchen Tool


Want fresh citrus juice without all the hard work of hand squeezing? Chuzy Chef’s
manual citrus press juicer is a 2-in-1 lemon and lime squeezer that won’t wear out
your hands or take forever just to produce a few drops. The handheld press quickly
and effectively juices a wide variety of limes and lemons and even smaller oranges.
Enjoy freshly squeezed citrus juice in a flash!
This reliable citrus juicer contains a pair of sturdy aluminum bowls that can squeeze
out every last drop from your favorite fruits. It features a non-toxic, certified
lead-free coating for safety and enhanced durability, ensuring it’s one kitchen tool
you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing. Cleanup is also quick and easy –
either wash it by hand for a few seconds or toss it in the dishwasher and be done.
We know fishing out pulp and seeds from your food and drinks after juicing is not a
fun task. In order to prevent this occurrence, our hand held manual juicer has a built
in strainer to maximize your efficiency and block out all that unwanted goop so all you
get is the freshly squeezed goodness.


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