in Headlamps Super Bright 20000 Lumens Led Headlamp Flashlight


in Headlamps Super Bright 20000 Lumens Led Headlamp Flashlight Waterproof Hard Hat Light 5 Light 4 Modes Improved with RechargeableBatteries for Camping Outdoor Sports


Why buy a flashlight or a lantern, you must hold it or hang it somewhere?
Feeling tired
Can light not emit light on objects?
Heavy headlamps bounce when running?
Cheap and poorly made headlamps are too hot?
Bring a flashlight while working or reading in the dark?
Uncomfortable straps are too tight and will make you have a headache?
The LED Headlamp is a versatile outdoor lighting fitting that extends
the headband to hold it tightly on the head. This is a
zoomable headlight that allows you to zoom in on spotlights and reduce
floodlights. It is worth considering that if you want to use it as a running camping fishing hunter climbing headlight for auxiliary lighting,
because it can provide 20,000 lumens of ultra-high brightness light.
Even in the dark with Led headlights, it can get a clear view of 150 yards.
Our LED headlights are known for their aesthetically pleasing designs, user-friendliness and ease of use – all because of constant improvements based on feedback from our customers.
Product specification:
Brightness: 50000 lumens
Light source: 5 T6 LED bulbs
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Light color: white
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Battery: 2 * 5000mAh 3.7v
Hqdz Reminder: 1. When the light is dimmed, remove the battery and charge it. Because the 18650 battery is
exhausted, the battery can never be charged or re-worked!
2. Before using for the first time, remove the plastic layer on the surface of the battery so that it can be charged normally. Package Included:
1 LED headlightV 1 charger
1 USB cable
2 x 18650 battery


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