AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter

$26.99 $22.94

AstroAI Digital Clamp Meter, Multimeter Volt Meter with Auto Ranging; Measures Voltage Tester, AC Current, Resistance, Continuity; Tests Diodes, Red/Black


TEST A WIDE RANGE of measurements including AC/DC Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Continuity; Also Tests Diodes
QUALITY DESIGN features a sampling speed of 2 times per second; Auto off conserves battery life and increases the lifespan of your multimeter
CONVENIENT FEATURES included Data Hold / Max Hold and a Large, Digital LCD Display, and Extra Large Clamp make for easy use while on the job; Low Battery indication keeps unwanted surprises at bay so you never accidentally run out of juice
IDEAL FOR SAFETY: Transformer Jaws pick up AC Current flowing through the conductor, increasing safety while improving this multimeter’s capabilities
COMMERCIAL settings where it can handle the demands of a long workday, from the durable exterior to the wide range of heavy- duty functions; 3 Year Warranty provided by AstroAI


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